Friday, June 17, 2011

Killbear Provincial Park - Lake Trout

A few of us ended up going up to Killbear Park to do a little camping and fishing, it ended up being an awesome time, with super good weather for the most part. There was a bit of a thunder storm coming in saturday morning when we were already out on the boat (at 5am...), we were planning on just fishing for pike by this shoreline shelf, but after the first few casts i hooked into a lake trout (super shallow for them at this time) i get him close, he did some crazy head shifts, and spit out my Aglia-Long, we think its just a fluke and continue fishing, then i get 2 more lake trout biting, getting them close and again spitting out my lure. Zach and Blasman change up there lures to spoons, and we started trolling for them after that.

Josh with the first one, Perfect size for eating, and it was amazing over the camp fire

Zach with the second guy landed, another great size for eating

and after the very last troll, reeling in my line a little slow right before the storm came in, this monster hit. he was safely returned into the lake to fight another line.

Later on, Josh brought out Kyle, and Ezra and here's a video Josh made of all the fishing that weekend, Kyle ended up getting a nice one, and Josh got another one when i wasn't out on the boat,

going fishing tomorrow, hopefully ill have something to blog about,


Back at it - Bowmanville Pike

Well, since the spring started we have been fishing alot but i haven't been posting anything, i'm sorry
I'll start it off with one of the first times we went, and i remembered the camera,

Zach lifestyle

Cooper with the first pike of the day

Colin with little guy

Cooper with another

Zach with the biggest from the day, he's stoked, holding it nice and properly

and, none for me.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Josh Blasman

He just spent some time over in South Africa for about a month,
he was out there fishing and visiting an old friend
but before he left he joined the 50"+ club for muskie fishing

heres the proof,

he caught this guy while he was alone, managed to bring it into his boat and get a photo of it, pretty mind blowing to say the least,

hes got alot of videos up from his South Africa trip, and he caught a few sharks, lots of shad and other random fish, check out the link to his blog on the right side of this page, or click HERE

sorry we havent been updating lately but been trying to snowboard a little bit, but right now we dont have very much snow for us to do so.

hopefully we can get some ice fishing done soon,


Monday, November 8, 2010

Board or Die

In our off season from fishing, we like to do a bit of snowboarding, and we recently put up our new video PeachHat Two
you can check it out on our other site, PeachHat

Sorry the updates have been slowing down, but salmon runs have ended although trout are starting to go up stream i've heard, so im gonna have to get out some day soon and check it out for myself.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

River Salmon Days 2 and 3

Zach Gibson, Salmon Numero Uno on day two

Zach 2 of 2

Day 3 Cooper with the first catch of the day, then he left to eat dinner (no it wasnt the fish)

Colin with his first of the night, probably number 20 of the season

Josh with his monstrous Chinook

*Update, you can see this salmon peeing out some eggs, if you look hard enough*

Finished the night off proper, Double header Josh and Colin, two monsters from the sea


Monday, September 13, 2010

Hook, Line, and Sinker (and a pool noodle) - Salmon Fishin

First up, Tanner with a salmon, hooked and landed, this was his 4th of the day but first one since i got there, he had 6 all day, know known as the salmon slayer.

Double Header, here's Me and Colin showing our prize fish of the day, my only catch, and 1 of the 3 Colin had.

Next up, Zach with this monster Chinook (taken with a myspace angle of the fish to make it look bigger) it took a little while for zach to pick up this guy, although it was the 2nd fish he ever touched, video to come soon.

Action shot of cooper, reeling in his chinook

Heres the ONE that didnt get away out of about 20 i think, but atleast hes smiling

And heres colin again with number 3 (no photo of 2), just as we were about to leave he hooked this guy up and landed him

sickest day salmon fishing yet, hyped


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm going fishing and surfing. hope i can get a photo of beebe, brody, or jon v surfing with me in the back catching something big in the ocean. I have no clue what will be in the waters. reef sharks? manta rays? who knows. this is what is about to come.