Friday, June 17, 2011

Killbear Provincial Park - Lake Trout

A few of us ended up going up to Killbear Park to do a little camping and fishing, it ended up being an awesome time, with super good weather for the most part. There was a bit of a thunder storm coming in saturday morning when we were already out on the boat (at 5am...), we were planning on just fishing for pike by this shoreline shelf, but after the first few casts i hooked into a lake trout (super shallow for them at this time) i get him close, he did some crazy head shifts, and spit out my Aglia-Long, we think its just a fluke and continue fishing, then i get 2 more lake trout biting, getting them close and again spitting out my lure. Zach and Blasman change up there lures to spoons, and we started trolling for them after that.

Josh with the first one, Perfect size for eating, and it was amazing over the camp fire

Zach with the second guy landed, another great size for eating

and after the very last troll, reeling in my line a little slow right before the storm came in, this monster hit. he was safely returned into the lake to fight another line.

Later on, Josh brought out Kyle, and Ezra and here's a video Josh made of all the fishing that weekend, Kyle ended up getting a nice one, and Josh got another one when i wasn't out on the boat,

going fishing tomorrow, hopefully ill have something to blog about,


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  1. Just wondering what boat lauch you went out from from Killbear? I'm heading there in a few weeks but only in a canoe. I was wondering how far out you were from killbear to get into the lakers? I've fished on lake superior and other big lakes out of my canoe but never in this area before. Any info would be great. Great post and thanks for sharing.