Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 New Anglers

Eric Brown with his first catch of the year.
This was the last fish I caught today. Look at the head on that thing.
Check these 2 anglers at cows.
Eric with his second catch of the year.
This is how we do it boys & girls
Jon V. First catch of the year. 1 of 5 he caught today.
Jon V. Second catch of the year.
I feel real bad about pulling the heads off fishies, so i cut their throats first.
First catch of the day for myself.
Brody pulled the first 2 fish out of the lake today with a rod the size of a forearm. Check out that mean mug on that mexican.
All in all, very successful day on the lake. 12 fish were caught in roughly 2-3 hours. 6 trout were kept and were making fish tacos soon this week.

Fish Count:
Jon V: 5
Brody P: 3
Dave H: 2
Eric B: 2

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