Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ontario Fishing Adventure Megapost

The other day me and Josh Blasman got together and decided to go on a fishing adventure, he started out driving to my place at 4 am, picked me up around 6 and then we headed to bowmanville. We fished this little marsh spot with these little boarders Cooper and Tanner Gallant.

Cooper with the first catch, being a big ole Bass

Tanner and Cooper cleaned up the spot with these 3 Pike
We did a little boating around Lake Ontario and fished around this giant ship wreck, which was pretty cool but Blasman got the only catch there.

It was a massive Goby
After we headed up to poach this super secret spot

Blasman with a Large Mouth Bass

Backing Blasman Up

Blasman with the biggest Largemouth at the Spot, and now off to Balsam Lake for the rest of the day

This is how many people are on the lake on the Monday of May 2-4

Caught a Walleye

Caught a Smallmouth

Blasman with the money shot... hammer

Night shot to finish it off, onto Rice lake tomorrow

Mine and Blasmans biggest catches of the day, way to many photos to post, but we cleaned up.
All in all we killed it, and the fishing trip was pretty amazing, expect a few more coming soon.


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